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Garfagnana steak filled with mushrooms
Grilled lamb cutlet
Grilled fillet
Medley fillet with truffle
Florentine steak
Boneless florentine steak
Grilled mozzarella, smoked scamorza cheese and vegetables
Loin of veal served with vegetables
Pecorino cheese, quail eggs and red chicory with truffle
Saute duck breast
Grilled chickend breast with vegetables
Grilled pork cutlet with grilled apples, parmesan cheese and truffle
Grilled sirloin steak with arugula and parmesan cheese
Grilled sirloin steak with olive oil, lemon and green pepper
Grilled turkey breast with grilled aubergines, orange and parmesan cheese
Grilled sirloin steak with porcini mushrooms
Grilled veal steak with courgettes, parmesan and truffle